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School Council Updates 2018-2019


        School Council Spring Term Updates    


Week Commencing - 07.01.19


Today the School Council met for the first time this term.  They were ready and raring to go for another successful term.  Given that the School Council helped in making the Christmas Fair such a huge success Mrs Evans has kindly decided that the School Council can use some of the money raised to make developments and changes to an area in the school.

The School Council had a big discussion today to think about areas that they thought they might like to spend the money on. Classroom resources, playground resources, wet play games; indoor lunchtime games were some of the things that the children suggested.  After a vote they agreed that most of their classes could do with some new wet play games as many of the ones they have already are old, tatty and didn’t have all the pieces. 


The School Council then agreed that in order to get an accurate idea of what the children in each class might like to be ordered, they would need to ask them to have a think about the games they might like.  Therefore over the next week the School Council will be visiting each class to ask them to think about what they might like and add them to the Pupil Voice display before the School Council meet again on Monday 28th January.  Be sure to check back next week for more updates!


Week Commencing – 14.01.19 - London’s Deputy Mayor visits Park Walk!


On Wednesday 16th March the Deputy Mayor of London, Joanne McCartney visited Park Walk to recognise the work Park Walk has been doing with the London Healthy Schools programme. Joanne visited many classrooms and had several conversations with pupils about how Park Walk supports children to develop their health and wellbeing. She was able to observe Nursery engaging in a healthy eating around fruit, Year 6 learning about peer pressure and good friendship as well as observe Year 4 engaging with a pupil voice activity.


One of her main focuses for the morning was to meet with some of the School Council to see how Park Walk promotes opportunities for children to have their say and their voice heard.  She discussed with them their roles within the school; how they got to be in that role, what they have to do to be successful, how they make decisions, what they have achieved as well as how their role has helped developed their confidence.


Joanne and her team thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Park Walk and commented on how the children were eloquent, confident and enthusiastic and they were all particularly impressed with their ability to speak confidently and answer questions with such well-considered responses.


Joanne and her team concluded the morning by stating that it is very clear that Park Walk highly values the children’s voice and puts it at the heart of what they do.


Below are some photos from the morning.






Week Commencing – 28.01.19


Today the School Council met to discuss the ideas that they had gathered from the pupil voice display about what wet play games each class might like.  The children shared the ideas from each class. Below are some of the ideas suggested from each of the classes.


Year 1 - Guess Who, Frustration, Snakes and Ladders, Table Football, Jenga

Year 2 - Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Sewing activities, Who am I

Year 3 - Ludo, Monopoly, Building Games, Who am I?, Dobble

Year 4 - Chess, Lego, Rubix Cubes, Jenga, Playing Cards

Year 5 - Maths games, Chess, Frustration, Kinetic Sand

Year 6 - Twister, Uno, Colouring Books, Spiro-graph


The School Council decided that where classes suggested the same items or games it would be better to order something different for each class so that classes could swap items/games during the school year.


After discussing the ideas suggested; what they thought were good ideas and what ideas they thought weren't as good the children decided that next week they would use their meeting to look in catalogues and online to research the cost of different items.


Week Commencing – 04.02.19


Today the School Council met to research all the items suggested by the other classes for the wet play games and activities they would like in their classes.  They split into small groups to research the different ideas for each year group using catalogues and Ipads.  The children listed prices and discussed the items and their cost.  They discussed the pros and cons of each item before deciding on the final items they wanted to be ordered. They then drew up a final list of items which they gave to Mrs Chatir, who will be ordering them by the end of this week. Check back next week to see the final list of items that have been ordered.


Week Commencing – 11.02.19

After extensive research and much deliberation the School Council's final list for wet play games for each class to be ordered is:


Year 1:  Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, Guess Who? and Chase Escape

Year 2: Snakes and Ladders, Dobble, Frustration, Headbanz

Year 3: Dobble, Headbanz, Ludo, Lexicon card game

Year 4: Drafts, Chess, Lexicon card game, Playing cards

Year 5: Chess, Frustration, WHOT card game, Lexicon card game

Year 6: Twister, Chess, Uno, Lexicon card game

   Mrs Chatir will order these this week and hopefully they will be with us after half term.  Check back after half term for any updates!


Spring Term 2

Week Commencing – 04.03.19


Today the School Council met to discuss their next fundraising event of Comic Relief, a UK based charity, which strives to create a just world, free from poverty.  The children spent some time learning more about this charity and what it raises money for.  They then created a mind map of ideas of how Park Walk could fundraise and raise money for Comic Relief this year.  After some discussion, the children settled on two ideas. 


Therefore, on Friday 15th March all the children and staff of Park Walk will be able to come dressed in red for a small donation of £1 which they will give to their class teachers in the morning.


As well as this, from 3.15pm - 3.45pm on the afternoon of Friday 15th March the School Council will be running a cake sale for the children and their families to come and purchase a sweet treat.


The School Council decided that in order for their cake sale to be a success they would need to kindly ask for donations of cakes and biscuits for them to sell at our cake sale on Friday 15th March.  Therefore the School Council ensured that they wrote something in the Newsletter so all the children and their families were aware of the upcoming event.     


Week Commencing – 11.03.19


Today the School Council did not have a formal meeting instead they led an assembly for the other children to share with them what Comic Relief is; what is does as a charity and where the money goes, both in the UK and internationally.  They shared with them some statistics as well as some videos to inspire the children to want to support Comic Relief.  As well as this, they outlined to the children what was happening on Friday and how they could get involved. 


The School Council also made some posters and put them up around school so that the event was well advertised to the children and their families. 


The School Council are excited about their upcoming event and look forward to raising lots of money.  Check back soon to see how the event went and how much money was raised for Comic Relief!