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Park Walk Primary School

Sunflowers and trees Sunflowers and trees

          Virtual Learning Environment 

1.  Learn About Addition

2.  Partitioning  
3.  Number line to + & -

4. Add 3 digit numbers

5. Bargain Hunt

6. Conveyor Belt

7. Add by splitting

8. Fridge magnets

9. Play addition game

10. Addition game

11. Problem solving  
12. Speed addition

13. Speed addition

14. Addition Machine

15. Number bond skills

16. Addition quiz 1  
17. Addition quiz 2




Learn Subtraction

Horizontal -

2 digit borrowing

3 digit subtraction


Speed subtraction

Count on convict

Fridge Magnets

The change game

Minus 11

Take away targets

Subtraction machine

Maths conveyor belt

Subtraction fish bowl

Sum sense

Splitting game

Problem solving


Subtraction Game

Subtraction quiz 1

Subtraction quiz 2

Subtraction quiz 3






Multiplication lesson

Read: multiplication

Missing Digits

Multiplication quiz

Multiplication Game

Sum sense

Multiplication game

Conveyor Belt

Fridge Magnet

Multiplication quiz

Speed grid

Rapid recall

Bracket basis

Amoeba multiplication

Problem solving

Multiplication quiz 1

Multiplication quiz 2

Times Tables

X tables test

7 x table

X table practice

Catch the ball

Times table grid

Times tables

X tables –snap!

Meteor Multiplication

Times table cloud

Learn your tables

X tables quiz 1

X tables quiz 3







Learn about division

Dividing lesson 1

Dividing lesson 2

Number line division


Division square

Sum sense Division

Amoeba division

Conveyor belt

Fridge magnets

÷& remainders

X and ÷

Division quiz

Problem solving

÷ Math Magician


Division quiz 1

Division quiz 2





Number Systems


Numbers quiz

Similar place value

Up to one hundred thousands

Place value game

Place value puzzler

Place value Charts

Place value quiz 1

Place value quiz 2

Partitioning grid

Place value headings

The number system


Rounding flashcards

Rounding off

Rounding quiz 1

Rounding quiz 2


Grater & less then

Compare Numbers

Crocodile’s Mouth!

Prime Factors

Prime Factors

Factors/prime no’s

Factor tree

Prime Factoring

Multiples and factors 1

Multiples and factors 2
Square numbers

Square no’s practice

Sequence squares

Test yourself







Fraction lesson

Fractions – learn

Fraction game

Fractions game

Fraction monkey

Count on in fractions

Fractions of a number

Unit fractions game

Fraction of a number

Add fractions =1

+ and – fractions

Ascending order

Comparing fractions

Ordering fractions

Adding fractions 1

Adding fractions 2

Soccer shootout

Fractions quiz





Fractions Part 2

Fractions of shapes

Fractions of something

Compare fractions

Shade the fraction

Fractions of shapes

Pizza fractions

Fraction flags

Fractions –learning

Equivalent fractions

Equivalent bar

Equivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions

Dolphin racing

Make a match

Baked fractions

Renaming fractions

Fraction activities

Fraction frenzy

Fractions quiz 1

Fractions quiz 2






Learn decimals

Ordering decimals

+ & - decimals

Decimal number line

Play decimals game

Decimals quiz

Decimals game

Orders the decimals

Naming decimals

Beat the clock!

Equivalent decimals

Decimal blackjack

Rope tug

Word problems

Decimals quiz 1

Decimals quiz 2







Percentages - lesson

Learning about %

% of money

% of something

Estimating %

Estimating %

% of a number

Penguin waiter

Troy’s toys

Percentage chains

Percentages game 1

Percentages game 2

Percentages quiz 1

Percentages quiz 2

Percentages quiz 3






Fractions, decimals and percentages


Fractions, decimals, %

Fractions, decimals, %


Again and again

Equivalent model


Fractions & decimals

Match % and fractions

Relate % & fractions

Mission magnetite


Matching game

Mission magnetite

Fractions & % quiz 1

Fractions & % quiz 2





Ratio and proportion


Match the ratios

Ratio rods

Ratio blaster

Ratio stadium

Ration & proportion 1

Ration & proportion 2






Telling Time

Stop the clock 1

Stop the clock 2

Stop the clock 3

Stop the clock 4

Stop the clock 5

Hickory Clock


Telling the time

Difference between

Elapsed time

Crazy clock-game

24 hour snap

Matching time

Forward in time

Train times

Timetable problems

Time & date quiz 1

Time & date quiz 2





Area and Perimeter

Units of Measure

Everything to know

Adam Ant Perimeter

Perimeter Bots

Area & Perimeter

Perimeter Explorer

Perimeters at work

Areas of triangles

Build a House

Maps and Plans

Areas of shapes 1

Areas of shapes 2

Perimeter Quiz 1

Perimeter Quiz 2





Weight and Capacity


Weigh the boxer

Alien Weigh In

Mostly Postie

Scales Reader

Different Scales

Read the scales

Measures- capacity

Measures- Weight

Count us in

Weigh it up

Capacity Quiz 1

Capacity Quiz 2

Weight Quiz 1

Weight Quiz 2







Money match

Money problems

Money snap!

Coin machine game

Sweet shop

White elephant

Going to the bank

Shop till you drop

Change game

Shopping game

Check out-challenge

Subtracting money

The party shop

Bargains galore

Money quiz 1

Money quiz 2






Measures Learn

Units of measure


Measures Game

Measuring Tools

Conversion Game

Measuring Lengths

Measure it!

Scale Challenge

Measuring Activities


Imperial & Metric 1

Imperial & Metric 2

Length & Distance 1

Length & Distance 2







Shape’s revision

2d shapes

2d shape game

2d shape game

2d shape facts

2d shape quiz

Sort right angles

Triangle sort

Virtual pinboard


Quadrilaterals quest

Quadrilaterals game

Polygon sort

3d shapes

3d shapes game

3d shape properties

Sorting 2d shapes

Label 3D shape

3d shape match

3d investigation

Polyhedron test

Nets shapes


Nets of a cube

Congruent shapes

Point out the view

2-D shapes quiz 1

2-D shapes quiz 2

3-D shapes quiz 1

3-D shapes quiz 2







Transformation golf


Transformation quiz

Transformation game


Rotation demo

Bathroom tiles

Post the shape

Flip a shape

Turn a shape



Tessellation intro

Tessellation lesson

Tessellating shapes

Tessellation island








Symmetry revision

 Lines of symmetry

2d symmetry

Flag symmetry

Symmetry of letters

Symmetry sort

Title symmetry

The Symmetriser

Rotational symmetry

Rotational symmetry

Rotational symmetry

Reflective symmetry

Symmetry game

How we see

Symmetry game

Symmetry quiz







Learn about angles

Angles –lesson


Angle measure

Banana hunt

Sailing challenge

Types of angles

Angles game

Angle activities

Angle kung fu

Measuring angles

Match the angles

Fruit picker


Angles game

Angles quiz

Alien angles

Estimating angles

Hitting the target

Angles quiz 1

Angles quiz 2







Graph Mole

Billy bug 1

Billy bug 2

Dino dig

Insect coordinates

Catch the fly

Hidden craft

Coordinate games

Locate the aliens

What’s the point?

Maze game

Space boy

Grids quiz

Grids game





Data Handling

Parts of a line graph

 Interpreting Data

 Handling Data Game

 Handling Data Quiz
Lists and Tables 1
Lists and Tables 2
What Weather
Pie Chart Lesson
Create a Graph
Bar Charts
Bar graph Sorter
Bar Graph Questions
Graphs and Charts 1
Graphs and Charts 2
Data Picking
Grow a Plant
Interpret Data- Play
Interpret Data- Quiz
Match the Data
Theme Park Data
Collecting Data 1
Collecting Data 2


Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

Carroll Diagrams

Carroll Diagrams

Carroll Diagrams






Mean, median, mode and range

Read and Learn

The mean machine

Mean Runners

Shopping averages


Mode and Range

Train Race



Averages and Range 1

Averages and Range 2






robability learn

Probability revision

Fish Tank

Higher or Lower

Virtual coin toss

Coin Toss

Probability game

Probability Simulator

Probability Quiz 1

Probability Quiz 2

Probability Quiz 3


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