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Park Walk Primary School

Sunflowers and trees Sunflowers and trees


Past and upcoming events

Another one of our responsibilities is to organise and run events in the school. 

Our most recent project was Children in Need.  On Friday 13th November all of Park Walk pupils came into school wearing their unique, homemade, magnificent movie characters.  All the pupils were given the task to create a movie script based on their character, for example in Year 6 we got into groups of 4-6 and created a movie script which involved all of our different characters.  As a school council we set a target to raise £200 but we are happy to announce that we raised a respectable amount of £209.  Thank you for making our first event a success!

Watch this space for our next event.

What a success! On Thursday 17th March each class had a thirty minute session with our dance teacher Rachel to learn the dance to the classic lion king song of ‘I just can’t wait to be king'.   Each class showed dedication, commitment and focus to learning the dance so that they would be ready for the afternoon performance.  2.30 came and children from Nursery all the way through to Year 6 gathered on the playground nervously waiting to see if Park Walk School could pull off their very own Flashmob dance!  The music kicked in and the children soon found their feet, the enthusiasm shone through and everyone (children and staff) played their role in contributing to sport relief.  It was a great success and we are pleased to announce we raised £151.47 for sport relief-well done Park Walk!