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Year 4 - Yew

Welcome to Year 4!


Park Walk's Year 4 Class is called Willow.  Their teacher is Miss Shubi and their teaching assistants are Miss Lee and Miss Bylinová.


Home Support:

-Support your child with learning their weekly spelling lists.  Challenge them to complete the follow up task.

-Listen to your child read and question them to check their understanding (see the reading passport and home reading support documents).  Challenge them by setting a follow up book activity (see the book activity ideas).

-Support them with their weekly homework.

-Use the reading, writing and maths passports to guide you to what we expect your child to be able to do and understand by the end of the year.  If you wish to further support your child with additional home learning, these would be the areas to focus on.


Looking for further activities to complete with your child?  Click here and select from the daily maths tasks.