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Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) at Park Walk


At Park Walk Primary School we ensure that all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are supported, regardless of their specific needs, to make the best possible progress and achieve their potential in school. We ensure that all children are included in all areas of the curriculum, with the needs of SEND pupils carefully considered. At Park Walk Primary School we have a graduated approach to SEND, ensuring early identification of needs and a continuum of support for children in order to enable them to make progress. Please refer to our SEND Policy, which outlines the purpose, nature and management of special educational needs within our school.


Overview of our Provision

At Park Walk Primary School, approximately 21% of children are on the SEND register. We have a comprehensive intervention programme to ensure the needs of all learners are met. Across the school, our teachers and teaching assistants are trained to provide interventions, where necessary, covering various curriculum areas. These include:

  • Additional Maths and English Support
  • Speech, Language and Communication Support
  • Social and Emotional Literacy Support
  • Gross and Fine Motor Support


Throughout the year, we provide various workshops for all parents on how to support their children with their learning. These can include phonics, maths and language and communication sessions. We also provide information and coffee mornings for parents of children with SEND.


The school continues to embed the MindUp programme to further support the emotional and mental health of our children. Various workshops have taken place to share the developments of the programme and the difference it is making to the wellbeing of our children. The school received support and training from consultants at MindUp and the Goldie Hawn Foundation. We have a Social Worker to further support the children and families here at Park Walk.


As part of the Local Offer, we have support from our Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, CAHMs Support Worker and School Nurse. We also receive support from the Autism and Early Years Intervention Team and the Behaviour Intervention Team as part of our extended SEND support.


Follow this link for RBKC’s Local Offer to gain a better understanding of the Local Offer:


We have a SEND Governor who supports the school in ensuring we meet the needs of all children with additional and special needs. Our SEND Governor is Lynden Easton – please see the Governors page for more information about Lynden’s background and role.


The information on our website complies with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2014 and is in line with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. This information is updated annually and any change to information occurring during the year is updated as soon as possible.


If you would like detailed information regarding our SEND Provision at Park Walk, please see the documents above:

  • Park Walk SEND Policy
  • Park Walk SEND Information Report

Alternatively, you can contact our SEND coordinator, Rosita Mirbod or our Headteacher, Emily Caldwell via email on


Admissions for children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP):

The Local Authority will send the school copies of the child’s most recent EHCP which outlines the child’s needs. The school will assess the child’s needs and will consult with the local authority to determine whether the school can meet the child’s needs. We strongly encourage parents of children with EHCPs to visit the school and speak with the SENDCo if you are thinking of naming us in your child’s plan. This will allow us the opportunity to meet and discuss any questions and concerns you want to address in order for you to determine the most appropriate setting for your child


Admissions for children with additional needs and SEND:

If your child has additional needs or has SEND but no EHCP, please apply via the local authority route’s normal admissions procedure. We still strongly encourage you to visit the school to have the appropriate discussions about your child’s needs and the suitability of the school to support your child.


The links below provide further information from the local authority as well as parent support and information:

SEND Code of Practice


Parent and Carer Forum:


SEND Information, Advice and Support Service: Westminster


Full of Life – RBKC Parent with SEND children support group