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Who's Who

Park Walk Staff - 2020 - 2021

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Caldwell


Progress & Achievement , Teaching & Learning,  Attendance, Well Being

Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs Evans

Deputy Headteacher


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss O'Leary

Assistant Headteacher

Core Learning, Behaviour, Well Being 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Miss Ray

School Business Operations Manager


Leadership Team

Miss Hogan 

Early Years Leader - Nursery, Reception and Year 1 

Miss Raine

Curriculum Lead 

Miss O’Leary

 Phase Leader - Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6


Teaching staff

Miss Hogan       

Maple - Nursery Teacher

Miss Coppins

Elm - Reception Teacher

Miss Rae

Birch - Year 1 Teacher

Miss Raine 

Beech - Year 2 Teacher

Miss Brady

Alder - Year 3 Teacher

Miss Shubi

Yew - Year 4 Teacher

Mr Whiteman

Willow - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Turner 

and Miss Reilly 

Oak - Year 6 Teacher

Mr Garcia

Miss Hunt 

PPA Teacher

Sports Teacher

Support Staff

Miss BritnellSEND Teaching Assistant
Ms Bylinová

Teaching Assistant 

Ms Chowdhury

Nursery Officer and First Aid Support

Mrs EganTeaching Assistant
Mrs EastmanSEND Teaching Assistant
Mr Kelly 

SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss Lee 

SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs MacDonagh    

Teaching Assistant Sports and First Aid Support

Mr MahmoudSports Teaching Assistant 
Miss MusaSEND Teaching Assistant
Miss SimmondsTeaching Assistant 

Mrs Simmonds

Teaching Assistant - Senior Midday Meal Supervisor and First Aid Support
Ms SundellTeaching Assistant 
Mrs KociakTeaching Assistant



Mrs El Ashmawy 

 Administrative Officer , Extended School Leader and First Aid Support

Mrs Webb

 Attendance and Administrative Officer 



Mr Alemayehu     

 Site Manager and First Aid Support

Ms Asuncion

Ms Zukiene

 Cleaning Staff

 Cleaning Staff


Social & Health

Jacqui Drake       

 School-Based Social Worker (2 days)

Melanie Franke

 School Nurse