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Autumn Term

Autumn Term Updates

Week Commencing - 28.09.20

This week the School Council met for their first meeting of the year - the school council met in their bubble groups.  Each meeting began with the children introducing themselves to one another and sharing one thing they were looking forward to.  The children then began discussing what the school council is and what school council representatives do.  They then discussed why a school council is important in a school.  


They then moved on to establishing a set of ground rules that they would each follow during each of the meetings - these will be displayed in the School Council room. To complete their first meeting they began discussing some of their goals for the year as the new School Council for 2020-2021 - they will continue this discussion next week. 


Week Commencing - 05.10.20

This week the School Council met for their second meeting of the term.  They began their meeting by discussing the various different things the School Council has achieved over previous years at Park Walk. They then moved on to discussing goals that might be appropriate for the School Council this year.  They had many ideas such as; raising money for our school and different charities, being positive role models for the rest of the children, planning and organising fun events as well as many more ideas. They then each shared one goal they would like to have for the School Council this year and recorded in on their own rugby ball. These will be displayed in the School Council room and once the goal has been achieved the rugby ball will be placed in the goal post on the display. 


Week Commencing - 12.10.20

This week the School Council met for their third meeting of the term.  They met to discuss a potential fundraiser before the half term holidays.  They shared many potential ideas but most decided that given Halloween was fast approaching it would be nice to do something around the theme of Halloween.  Various ideas were suggested such as; cake sales, dress ups, sponsored events in all of the meetings.  However, given that there is not much time left until the end of term most agreed it needed to be something easy and simple.  They also decided that their first fundraiser would be to raise money for our school. 


Therefore, they decided that on the last day of the half term (Friday, 23rd October) they will host a dress up day and an in school cake sale.  Every child will be able to leave their uniform at home on Friday 23rd October and come dressed to school in a Halloween costume and during the school day, with their classes will be able to choose a Halloween themed cake to enjoy from our in school cake sale.  All for a small donation of £3


We are therefore kindly asking, if on Friday 23rd October, you could send your child to school dressed in a Halloween costume, with £3 and a Halloween themed cake, ideally individual cupcakes and definitely no nuts.  Staff will also be bringing in some cakes for the cake sale.  The School Council really appreciate your support with this and are looking forward to seeing all your creative costumes and cake designs - a little fun before the half term holiday! 


Week Commencing - 19.10.20

This week the School Council met for their fourth meeting of the term.  They met to discuss what needed to be done for their upcoming Halloween dress up and in school cake sale this Friday (23.10.20).    They decided that they needed to make sure that the bottom hall was free for the morning and that there were enough tables to lay out all the cakes out.  They also agreed that they needed to make sure we had, a table cloth, napkins, plates and cutlery to host the cake sale. 


They also discussed how they thought it would be beneficial to create posters to put up around the school to advertise the event and remind the staff and children of the date and details of the event.  As well as, how they thought it might be useful to get the office staff to send out a text in the week to remind all parents of the upcoming event. 


The final thing they thought would be a good idea would be to provide each class teacher with a labelled envelope so that they could collect all the money donated on the day to then give to the office staff to total up.


The School Council are really looking forward to their first fundraiser of the year and really hope that you will support them in making it a success.  Just a reminder of all you need to know: 


On Friday 23rd October, your child can come to school dressed in a Halloween costume, with £3 and some Halloween themed cakes, ideally individual cupcakes and definitely no nuts.  Staff will also be bringing in some cakes for the cake sale.  They will be visiting the cake sale during the school day with their class and will be able to choose a cake to enjoy during their morning break. 


We cannot wait to see all your creative costumes and cake designs - a little fun before the half term holiday! 


Update: The office have now counted all the money raised from the Halloween dress up and cake sale we had before half term and we can reveal that we raised a total of £363.45 - what a fantastic amount raised for our school. Thank you to everyone who helped making this fundraiser such a success!  


Week Commencing - 02.11.20

Today the School Council met for their first meeting of Autumn Term 2.  The School Council’s focus for today’s meeting was the upcoming Children in Need Appeal Week.  The children began the meeting by discussing the charity and what it raises money for.  They then reflected on what we did as a school last year to raise money for this charity and began thinking about ideas they had for fundraising this year.  They then all agreed that before they made a decision on how to raise money they would take into consideration ideas from children across the school.  Therefore, each of the School Council representatives went back to their classes and asked them to come up with six ideas for fundraising for Children in Need and add them to the pupil voice display by Thursday 4th November. 


The School Council will then meet later this week to read and review the ideas suggested and make a final decision on how Park Walk will raise money for Children in Need this year.  The School Council are eager to make this a successful event to ensure they can contribute in helping many of the disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.  Be sure to check back  to find out their final decision!


Week Commencing - 09.11.20

On Friday (06.11.20) some of the School Council met to make a final decision on how we were going to raise money for Children in Need this year.  They reviewed all the ideas suggested on the Pupil Voice display from children across the school before making a decision.  After a democratic vote, the School Council decided that this year to raise money for Children in Need, on Friday 13th November, for a small donation of £2, the children will be able to come to school dressed in their pyjamas Although they are able to come in their pyjamas please ensure they still wear shoes and not slippers – this is important for your child’s safety.  As well as wearing their pyjamas, the School Council thought it would be nice for Park Walk to join the many other schools up and down the country to join in with an active morning session with Joe Wicks via a livestream.


The children agreed that in order for the event to be well advertised it needed to be added to the Newsletter as well as our new online platform Class Dojo.  They also discussed how the money was going to be collected and decided that each class teacher needed to be given an envelope to collect the money each child in their class brings in.  They decided that class teachers could then drop off the envelopes to the office by lunchtime so the money could be counted and announced in the Newsletter that week.


The School Council are really looking forward to another fundraising event and we hope you agree it should be a really fun day for all.  We hope as well as being lots of fun it will enable us as a school to raise lots of money to be donated to support the many vulnerable and disadvantage children across the UK.


Update: The office have now counted all the money that was donated by the Children to come in their Pyjamas for the day and participate in Joe Wick's live workout and can reveal that we raised a total of £209.40. A fantastic amount raised for Children in Need and an amount that will help make a difference to adults and children less fortunate than we are. 


Week Commencing - 16.11.20

Today the School Council met to begin planning and looking at the Christmas Fair.  The children all agreed that the Christmas Fair would need to be different this year due to Covid and parents not being able to come into school.  However, they discussed how a fair could be run for each bubble but realised that this would be unrealistic to do all in one day.  They then decided that each afternoon 1 bubble could visit the Christmas Fair over the course of week.


They then began reflecting on previous fairs and discussing the stalls they enjoyed and thought were popular.  They all agreed that the Cup Tombola is a great stall which lots of children enjoy and thought it was a good idea to have this stall again and ask for children to bring in filled cups. They also discussed how a raffle this year may not be as easy as lots of shops are shut and therefore it might be difficult to get donations.  The children spent the rest of the meeting making a list of possible stalls they could have.  However, they agreed it would be nice to find out from the rest of the children in the school any suggestions they have for stalls at the Christmas Fair.


Therefore, they agreed that this week they would go back to their classes and ask the children to come up with six different ideas for stalls this year.  The School Council children from each class will then place these ideas onto the Pupil Voice display and will discuss these ideas at next week’s School Council meeting.


Week Commencing - 23.11.20

Today the School Council met to continue planning and discussing the Christmas Fair. They began by reviewing all the ideas that had been suggested by each class on the pupil voice display for what stalls we should have this year at the Christmas Fair.  After weighing up the pros and cons for each of the ideas suggested they made a final decision and drew up a map of all the stalls and where they would be laid out in the hall.  They then put together a list of all the things that would be needed for each of the stalls and thought about what might need to be ordered for some of the stalls before next week.   They then spent the second half of the meeting preparing posters for each of the stalls.  They will continue to prepare these posters during next week’s meeting.


Week Commencing - 30.11.20

Today the children met to complete their posters and to finalise the last minute arrangements for Park Walk’s Christmas fair. 


Week Commencing - 07.12.20

Last week was our Christmas Fair week and Park Walk was full of so much Christmas cheer!  Every afternoon over the course of the week each class in their bubbles visited the Christmas Fair!  The children had a wonderful time decorating Christmas biscuits, creating Christmas crafts as well as trying their luck at many of the different stalls at the fair.  Lots of the children commented on how much they enjoyed the afternoons and one child said it was the best Christmas Fair ever! 


The School Council would like to thank all the parents and carers who have supported us with making this week possible, through donations, contributions and through providing your children with some money to spend at the fair.  Without this, we would be unable to make the fair a success.   


The office staff have now counted the money that was collected over the week and we can reveal that we managed to raise a total of £1402.75 from this year’s Christmas Fair. What a fantastic amount of money which will help make a difference to our school.  Be sure to check out Park Walk’s Instagram page to see some photos of the week.