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Summer Term

Summer Term Updates

Week Commencing - 03.05.21 & 10.05.21

Over the last two weeks the School Council have met to reflect on the Autumn Term and then the Spring Term.  They discussed how in Autumn we achieved many things but due to the school closures in Spring we weren’t able to have School Council meetings.   Miss Hunt then explained to the children that the teachers are planning an enrichment week – titled Community Week. They all agreed that this was a great idea as we haven’t been able to do a lot in the last term to help, support and bring our community together due to Covid-19 restrictions.  They discussed that they thought a community week was a great idea to bring the community back together. 


They then discussed various things that the children could do in that week. They discussed the idea of perhaps getting people from the local community to come in and talk to all the children.  For example, nurses, doctors, fireman, lifeguards, police.  They also discussed having zoom calls with other people who play important roles in our community.  The children discussed that we usually do a community project in the Summer Terms but this year it may be more difficult due to the restrictions.  Therefore, they talked through the idea of every class having a make a difference day during the Community week, whereby each class comes up with a way in which they can help the community.  The ideas that were suggested; were recycling, planting and growing food, food banks, plastic use, sponsored activities. 


The children then agreed that they would feedback the ideas to Miss Raine, who is the main coordinator for the week, so she can feed some of their ideas into the week to help make it a purposeful week that has impact on supporting our community. 


Week Commencing - 17.05.21

Today the School Council met to discuss their fundraiser for the term - the summer fair. They began by discussing previous year’s summer fairs and discussed all the stalls that were popular.  The stalls mentioned were; the cup stall, beat the goalie stall, the face paint stall, hook a duck, the raffle and pick a lolly.  They then moved on to thinking about new stalls or things that could be changed for this year’s summer fair and created a mind-map of all their ideas.  They then agreed that before any final decisions could be made, they would get the views and ideas of the other children across the school in each year group by asking them to contribute their ideas to the Pupil Voice Display.  Next week, the children will meet again and bring together all the ideas that were suggested, along with their mind-map and then make a final decision on the stalls for this year.  The children also discussed that although the date of the Summer Fair is planned to take place when there will be less Covid restrictions, it is still important that we plan to ensure that it is as Covid secure as possible to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. This being something they will also discuss further next week. 


Week Commencing - 24.05.21

Today the children met to continue to discuss the summer fair.

They began the meeting by bringing together all the ideas that were suggested on the Pupil Voice Display. They sorted the most popular ideas into a pile as well as another pile for ideas that were new and they liked the sound of. 

They then discussed the pros and cons of all the ideas before making a final list of stalls for Miss Hunt to put to and discuss with Miss Caldwell before their next meeting.  They also discussed and made a list of things that they may need donations for from parents and families. 

In addition to this, the children then discussed ways in which they could make the fair as safe as possible for everyone.  Their ideas included; one way systems, different times for different classes, hand sanitiser stations as well as masks if needed.  During their next meeting they will begin thinking about the logistics of the day and think about ways to advertise the fair. 


Week Commencing - 14.06.21, 21.06.21, 28.06.21

This week some of the School Council met to discuss the upcoming Summer Fair.  They looked at the final list of stalls and made a of list of things that they needed to order and buy before the Summer Fair day.  They also had a look at reminders that needed to be given to the children/parents of donations/contributions for the fair and thought about ways in which they could get this information across over the next couple of weeks, for example, the newsletter and adding to Class Dojo. 


They then spent the rest of the meeting beginning to design posters for each of the stalls that will be had at the Summer Fair as well as continuing to develop a plan of the day, timings as well as a map of how the playground will be laid out on the day.  They will continue to work on this during the remaining two meetings before the Summer Fair and will publish all the information regarding the day in the Newsletter and Class Dojo the week before.


Week Commencing - 05.07.21


On Friday Park Walk held its Summer Fair and what a success it was!  All the children across the school were extremely excited about the Summer Fair, especially as we were unable to have one last year.


A huge well done to the School Council for all their hard work in organising and preparing for the afternoon, as well as the Year 6’s for excellently running each stall on the day.   Not only did you help to ensure the afternoon ran smoothly but you also ensured that everyone who attended had a safe, happy afternoon full of Summer fun. 


It was lovely to see so many children enjoying themselves, some with their families and some with their teachers, visiting the wide range of stalls on offer.  A big thank you for all the donations made by parents, carers, staff, governors and local businesses in the lead up to the fair, such donations really help to make our School Fair's great events for the children. 


The office staff have been busy counting the total amount raised from the Summer Fair and we can reveal that the grand total raised was  £1354.55!

What a fantastic amount of money which will help make a difference to our school!